Hi! I'm 
Natasha Brao, 

– a dedicated, detail-oriented creative who’s always up for a challenge. My interests are broad and my passions run deep. I care about the relationships that I create and the communication that I can achieve through my work. The potential to think outside of the box and collaborate with others to push boundaries is what I love most about design. 
I tackle design problems laterally, think divergently, and look at projects with a 360 degree perspective in order to achieve meaningful solutions. With my experience in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University, I have learned to build upon my foundation in Communications Design and apply new ways of business-oriented thinking to building a brand. I value opportunities to grow in environments that encourage experimentation and imagination and I’m determined to make purposeful, intelligent, and memorable work that has a positive influence on society. I hope to bring my unique expertise to a team that thinks beyond the expected and puts an emphasis on making the world a better place one impression at a time.

DAILY DRIVERS: food, mindful living
SOURCE OF CREATIVE CONFIDENCE: dance, cooking, music
FUN FACT: I have a drawer filled with pristine stationary and design ephemera and an overflowing cabinet with spices, herbs, and essential oils  

All of the work on this website has been ideated, pitched, art directed, designed, built, and copywritten by me.