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A non-profit and awareness campaign that highlights the issues and inequalities of tequila production and connects people with brands of tequila that are ethically sourced.
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Tequila drinkers don’t often think about what goes into making the alcohol in their shot glass. Commercial tequila brands hide the fact that the workers and communities who make the tequila are not always treated fairly. Many Americans are oblivious to this, especially the partying college student who may not spend much time paying attention to the societal impact of the products they consume.​​​​​​​
There are many issues with tequila production that affect workers, their families, and the agave fields. The average Jimador, the farmer that harvests agave, makes only $10 a day for many hours of laborious work in the field. Jimadores are often romanticized in tequila advertisements, but most tequila drinkers are unaware that they make a terribly low wage, work under awful conditions, and are not properly represented in the power structure.​​​​​​​
A non-profit brand with an awareness campaign that highlights the issues of tequila production. Cultivate sheds light on the hidden facts behind tequila production and provides the audience with information about ethical brands. It also gives back to communities in Mexico where tequila is produced. Cultivate encourages tequila drinkers to go to the website to learn more about the issue and gives direct access to ethically sourced tequila brands. The campaign targets the ultimate game day college drinker who frequently displays empty liquor bottles in their living room and tries to get them to care about what’s in their bottle. ​​​​​​​