Contactless Boutique Inn
A hotel that features a contactless experience to keep guests feeling safe, comfortable, and worry-free.
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Package Design
It has become very common to feel uncomfortable coming in close contact with others, using common corridors or elevators, and to be worried about cleanliness when choosing a place to stay. The new standard is taking measures toward guaranteed cleanliness and taking the extra effort to ensure guests feel at ease staying at a hotel.
A trend is rising in taking old motels and renovating them into unique hotels with character and charm. Motels have contactless experiences and can have an intimate feel. Taking a motel and merging it with the service and more upscale standard of the hospitality industry offers a new, personalized, and clean experience. 
This contactless boutique inn uses the classic function of a motel style inn, with direct access to rooms from the outside and less interaction with other people. The Lily has taken the contactless benefits of a motel and merged them with the cleanliness, comfort, and modern design of today’s upscale hotels.