Feel the spirit of Chimayó 
A specialty coffee shop and roastery based in New Mexico that brews coffee with the state’s most well-known pepper; the Chimayó chili. Red Roast gives coffee and spice lovers the perfect blend with a kick.
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It has become popular to brew coffee with cinnamon sticks or chicory root to give it an added punch of flavor, but not chili peppers. Both tourists and locals enjoy a flagship brand that is unique to a certain town, known as the “must visit” cafe in the area. 
Chimayó is a village in New Mexico that many people come from all over to experience the healing qualities of the town. The best chili in the state called the Chimayó chili is passed down through heirloom seeds between generations and local families have been growing this type of chili for longer than 400 years. The plant produces many variations of the pepper which result in twisted and crooked shaped chilies. The irregularity is said to reflect the winding and twisting landscape of Chimayó. Once they have been dried and turned into a powder, the chilis have a memorable smell, and are not unbearably spicy. 
A coffee shop that immerses the customer in the culture of New Mexico by blending the iconic Chimayó chili pepper and coffee. Red Roast aims to preserve the authenticity of these rare chilies grown in the heritage soil and is inspired by the crookedness and irregularity of Chimayó chilies and the warm glow of the Jemez Mountains.