Uncover Art Trading
An experiential digital experience about money laundering in the underground art space.
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There are many cases today where transactions of large amounts in buying and selling art act as a cover up for money laundering. There is currently no regulatory body to oversee the value of art so pricing is basically a free-for-all. With the growing NFT market, it's anonymous buying, and price fluidity, money laundering is at an all time high.
Money laundering is the illegal process of making large amounts of money seem like they have come from a legit source but really, it was produced by criminal activity. Money laundering through art is attractive to criminals because of its ability to conceal identity and have private transactions, while also allowing for large cash deals. The United Nations states that the underground art market takes in about $6 billion annually.
A digital experience that exposes and teaches users about money laundering in the underground art space and the complications that come with it.